Prologue to How to Make a Pixie Custume

Remember the scene in About a Boy where the poor lad is wearing mum’s hand-knitted rainbow creation? (The splendid ‘movie inspired knitting’ below is by Hannah Fettig.)

Images © Hannah Fettig

Well, I always hoped that I wouldn’t do this to my kid… Guess what? Yes, my daughter too is ‘mama’s pride’ in wooly cardies, booties, and now also her first Christmas ‘costume’.
Not sure how it is in your part of the world, but in good old Germany parents would not dare to dress up their kids at Christmas (we have other specially designated days for this).

So when we were invited for a recent fancy-dress Christmas bash, I thought a pudding costume – though fitting – may send out the wrong message, if looked back on in teenage times.
So I got out my little sewing machine, and created a little improvised pixie costume. Once finished, I realised that subconsciously I must have taken inspiration from the splendid hat shown above and below by Hadley Fierlinger. Wonderful pictures, aren’t they?

Pixie images © Hadley Fierlinger

To save time, I created J’s pixie hut and booties in felt which worked marvelously well. And in case you are still short of a Christmas costume for your little one I will share the details with you later this week.

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