New Paper Jewellery: Claim Your Discount

No camping enthusiast? Not quite sure if a caravan is really your cup of tea? Well then here comes
another design from my new paper craft collection The Auction Guide.


Category: Portable Writing Equipment

Royal – World’s No. 1 Portable. This specimen of the greatest typewriter of its time is believed to have been owned by the famous Ernest Hemingway himself. It was unearthed next to discarded manuscript pages of “The Old Man and the Sea”.
In excellent working condition with minimal signs of wear. It is expected to attract worldwide attention from writers and collectors alike. A truly unique find.


Don’t forget to enter discount code B1CHRISTMAS to save 10% on this splendid new jewellery. I only made a few items, so make sure you don’t miss out. Take a look at my shop now! (Offer ends December 16 or as long as stock lasts).

The back of the packaging.
Keep your youthful appearance and save money with modern paper jewellery!

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