How to Make a Smashing Seat for a Children’s Doll Stroller in 5 Simple Steps


One of the most successful toys in our house, is probably the children’s doll stroller. My daughter isn’t super into dolls, and mostly it’s pushed around without a passenger, but somehow it’s super popular also with visitors. However, all dolls strollers / buggies / prams I’ve found had really unpleasant fabric seats, so I decided to quickly make a new one. I used the old one as a guideline and it was really super straight forward. It only takes around 30 min and I promise the visual pleasure will stay with you much longer!


You need:

  • cheerful fabric for the back (a fat quarter should do)
    I bought mine from my favourite shop in Berlin, that also posts abroad
  • bias tape, if desired
  • elastic band, approx. 20cm

Consider re-using:

  • bottom seat fabric (or get sturdy fabric for the seat)
  • band or ribbon for the straps + 2 D-ring buckles, if you like them adjustable


1. Cut your Fabric

Best to take the existing seat as a size guideline. The top of the fabric where the dolls back will rest on, needs to be the width of the pram. The bottom of it should be the same circumference as the seat fabric.


2. Sew together the fabric where the dolls back will rest on.

Lay both sheets of fabric on top of each other (patterned side to the inside) and sew together (leaving a small opening on the bottom to turn the fabric). If you fabric unravels easily, add a zigzag stitch around the seems. Include 2 pieces of ribbon approx. 5cm from the bottom of your fabric, so that the doll can be strapped in.


3. If you don’t re-use the old seat, create a new one.

Fold up twice approx. an inch of fabric and add seams as shown above. Make sure the seam in the middle doesn’t extend too far to the sides, so that your child can easily get it onto the pram.


4. Sew together the back and seat fabrics, for a neater finish pin in place first.

Sew the D-rings on one of the straps. Don’t close them yet, you need to pull the strap through the loop you affix in the next step. Then you can close it as shown above.


5. Sew the bias tape in place.

Include 2 loops (approx. 2 inch long) of elastic on the top and a large loop of ribbon for the strap on the bottom of your seat.


There we go, well done you! Have a bit more time? Why not make a matching bag? The how-to-guide is coming soon.

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