How to make a sled, skis and your very own wood burning stove

I really enjoyed creating the cover illustration for the December issue of b.there! – Brussels Airlines’ in-flight magazine.

I would like to share with you a few ‘behind the scenes’ images and give some insights into the set-making process.

The sled is made of mountboard, glued together with PVA and painted with black acrylic.

I enjoy a challenge and so making the ski stocks was my favourite. I used two wooden rods, which I painted brown. I then drilled two tiny holes (1.4mm) at right angles into each wooden rod. Through those I pushed two strips of paper around which I  glued a ring made of mountboard.

Woodburning stove: mainly made of black form board. The logs in the fire are made of balsa wood.

Lantern: a strip of cardboard with acetate for the glass panes. Next to it is the partly-assembled candle.

Skis: inspired by my Dad’s old wooden skis, which we used to ski on around the garden when I was little. I made mine of form board, which I covered with paper.

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