How to Make a Beach Hut

Its always a great pleasure to work with ContainerPlus. This time I created objects for 5 sets to be used in stop-frame animations for consumer profile films.
I created amongst others some miniature tennis rackets – which were fun – but my favourite was definitely the disheveled beach-hut. Details of the creative process can be found here. The finished product can be seen here.

1) I created the side walls out of corrugated cardboard
(an old box is best for this)
2) I used pencil to dirty down the wooden ‘poles’ which support the roof
3) I created poles in different thicknesses using glue and string to hold them in place
4) Extra bits of card were added to make the walls and roof appear more solid
5) Blue and white paint were applied sparingly, working with nearly dry brushes of different width to achieve a rough texture
6) Torn pieces of paper were used to create the bunting

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