A is for …

… apology! Ok, I’m now going to out myself: ‘I am a foreigner!’ Born in good old Germany I’ve been living in the land of the Queen for quite a while now, but my spelling needed some time to catch up. So far – and here comes my little secret – my loved one always checked my blog entries … yes I know, I’m a bit embarrassed by it too. A big thank you to Mister P.!

However, I now feel it’s time to remove the training wheels and bravely peddle ahead under my own steam. Please do look generously on my writing attempts, which can get a bit mixed up, especially as we are raising baby J bilingual – and guess what language I’m responsible for.

p.s. Thanks also to baby J for the great teamwork! J having a good lunch time nap and me running through the garden to shoot the picture at the top. Life is splendid if one can feel creative, don’t you think?

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