3 Reasons to Put this Book on your Christmas Wish List

Image © Uppercase

I’m not sure how it is for you, but every now and then I come across something so perfect, that it’s nearly beyond words, and I can only quietly gasp  in wonder and delight. And be assured, I’m normally not the quiet type! One of those recent finds is the new ‘dottie angel’ book describing ‘the peachy crafty world of tif fussell‘ published as Volume 2 in The Suitcase Series by Uppercase (a marvelous Canadian publisher).

So get out your letter to jolly old Santa, and write:

I want dottie angel because: it’s a visual pleasure for every vintage enthusiast to marvel at! Tif creates fabric collages, which are often enhanced by hand-embroidered little phrases. She makes bags, wall patches, apron wraps and many other goodies, which you can find here. Her product photographs are pretty nostalgic and sit comfortably next to swatches of vintage fabric.

… A mean person might say this is just another blog/etzy shop gone bookish, but this would be an insult to the skillful design and editing work of Janine Vangool. Printed on a lovely uncoated paper, in just the right format to be carried around and treasured, typeface and font size in perfect harmony – the pages invite you to gently stroke them in fond admiration. Yes indeed Janine Vangool manages to highlight Tif’s work most successfully. Back to Santa, just write:

I want dottie angel because: contrary to many other creative books – which are all looks and no read – this book also provides a cheerful and entertaining insight into the (mainly crafty) world of dottie angel. Tif writes with a lovely lightheartedness that makes one smile with delight.  (I only allowed myself small daily doses, to prolong the pleasure.) Perfect for the cold winter days ahead, or (if you live in the sunny southern half of the world) splendid as a crafty beach addition! 

I want dottie angel because:  it’s inspiring and you can’t avoid feeling crafty after reading it. And to get you started there is even a little envelope with a button, a bit of thread and a small patch of fabric that comes with the book!

So make sure Santa has your correct address and hope for the best.

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